Delvin Breaux and Recovery

Could CBD help you achieve the same results?

Experiencing an injury as severe as a broken neck is life-changing in itself, but the recovery process from an injury like this can be a long and arduous journey. For some, this injury is the end of the life that they knew and loved, but for others like Delvin Breaux, it’s just the beginning of their journey.

Delvin broke his neck, fracturing his C4, C5, and C6 vertebrae. At the time, he was playing High School football for McDonogh 35 Senior High School as a defensive back. However, the injury completely changed Delvin’s path, with no college football on the horizon. 

For many people, that would be the end of their sports career, but Delvin had other plans. He was determined to not only play football again but play it at the highest level. So, six years after breaking his neck, he was playing in a developmental league. After that, the Arena Football League and then the Canadian Football League. 

In 2015 Delvin got his big break, being called up by the New Orleans Saints earning a cornerback position with his hometown team. Below is an interview we recently had with Delvin about his injury and the recovery process. 

What treatments have you undergone for your injuries?

After the surgeries in 2006, I didn’t do too much rehab as I was trying to let my bones heal naturally. Generally, I was working with massage therapists and acupuncturists to work on my soft tissues. However, because there were metal rods installed in my neck, I experienced severe pain, especially when the weather changes. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to ease my pain as those anti-inflammatory and pain management pills prescribed by my doctor only relieve my pain for 3-4 hours, and it’s not easing enough for a long enough period of time to help me rebuild my core strength.

How do you deal with pain caused by your injury?  

Daily I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain pills my doctor prescribed to calm my nerves down, but none of that would work for more than 3-4 hours then the pain came right back.

How did you get to learn about CO lift hemp products (natural balm)?

Two years ago, I got a phone call from an old friend, Jacob Greenberg. We were just catching up like old friends, and when he found out about my injuries, he told me about the hemp CBD he had been developing, and prior to that, I knew nothing about CBD medical products. So Jacob kindly sent me a shipment of it to try out, and the results were life-changing.

The product was phenomenal. I first applied it on my joints on my legs and neck, of course, and the pain was gone within 10 minutes, and it lasted so long that I was able to start doing more training and put more pressure on my joints like I was training for my team on the field.

How long did you use the product, and how did it affect your life? 

I had planned to retire to allow my body to fully heal and recover in early 2021 and did announce my retirement on March 24, 2021, according to my plan. Using CO Lift Hemp natural balm product, however, allowed me to reduce trauma and pain I experience in my body so that it helped me regain my faith that I can continue with the sport I am passionate about for at least another three seasons. I pulled myself out of retirement because of my son and CO lift hemp is instrumental to give me the ability to get back to the field again!

Delvin Breaux and Co Lift Hemps Signature CBD/CBG Cream

The key ingredients in Co Lift Hemps CBD/CBG balm used by Delvin are cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). Both cannabinoids occur naturally in the hemp plant and have no psychoactive properties. All cannabinoid extracts are sourced from premium hemp grown in the USA and combined perfectly with various organic ingredients to deliver a high-quality, natural product. 

There have been a lot of studies done on the natural properties of CBD and CBG. As a result, millions of people worldwide incorporate CBD into their daily health and wellness routines. 

One of the biggest potential benefits of both CBD and CBG is as powerful natural anti-inflammatories. There have been various studies that show that CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

When the body is injured, the natural response is to flood the area with inflammatory bodies. This inflammation swells the area around the injury and can cause pain. As part of the healing process for any muscle and tissue injury, you need to reduce the swelling and CBD, and CBG could help with that. 

Delvin Breaux and Recovery – Conclusion 

It’s been a long journey for Delvin Breaux and one that has involved a lot of trials and tests along the way. Yet, in conjunction with traditional therapy, medications, and treatments, he managed to return to the sport he loved. To learn more about Delvin and his incredible journey, check out his book available on Amazon, Un-breaux-ken: The Story Of Delvin Breaux

It’s important to note that no two people are exactly alike. What works for one person may not work for someone else, and it’s essential to do what’s best for you and your injury. While studies into CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids are very promising, we need to undertake more clinical trials before making any medical claims about CBD, CBG, or other cannabinoids.

If you would like to learn more about Co Lift Hemp or their range of premium CBD and CBG products, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact them directly. Their friendly and professional team is always happy to assist you.
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